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The settings tab of the AIVA Connect Operator Console allows users to change the functionality and behavior of the product, including display settings, notification settings, and audio settings. This guide will highlight the Network and Support settings that are provided to users.

QoS Test

The WebRTC client has a built in QoS test that you can use to determine that your client is properly supported.

To access the QoS Test:

1. Open "Network | QOS" from the Settings icon.

Network | QoS

2. Select "QoS" Test.

QoS Test

3. This will open a new pop up window that will allow you to take the QoS Test. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the test. - Google Chrome

4. Once the test is complete you will be notified whether or not your test was successful. In the example below, the user successfully passed the QoS Test. - Google Chrome
Speed Test

The WebRTC client has a built in Speed test that you can use to calculate your real-time speed to the AIVAConnect server.

To access the Speed Test:

1. Open "Network | QOS" from the Settings icon.

2. Select "Speed" Test to view your real-time connection speed.


3. Select "Results".


4. This will open up a table containing the last 20 Speed Tests performed.


Submit a Bug

To submit a bug:

1. From the settings icon, select "Help & Support".

2. Select the Priority level of your bug, as well as the Frequency.

Help & Support

3. Select "Submit" when you are ready to submit.

Submit Bug
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