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The contacts tab displays a user's shared enterprise directory. From this tab, users can view their group or enterprise directory, create their own local directory, and perform call actions.

Explore your Directory

To view your enterprise directory:

1. Select the Contacts icon on the left menu.

2. From here, select "Enterprise Directory".

AIVA Connect Client - Google Chrome

By default, WebRTC displays contacts based at the group level. To view your full enterprise directory, including contacts outside of your group, you will need to enable it from the settings tab.

To toggle between Group Level & Enterprise Directory:

1. Select the Settings icon from the left menu.

2. From here, select, "Contacts Settings."

3. Under "Enterprise Directory" you may toggle between the Group level (default setting) or Enterprise level.

AIVA Connect Client - Google Chrome

In version 2.7.7, you now have the ability to filter your contacts by department. If your contact's include department information, follow these steps to filter them:

1. Select the "Directory"

2. Select the desired department to filter.

Adding a Contact

To create a local directory contact:

1. From the Contacts tab, select the plus icon on "Add Contact".

Client - Google Chrome

2. You will now be prompted to create a new local contact. Fill out the user's First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number, and Extension if they have one, and select "Save".

Client - Google Chrome

To add an existing user from your enterprise directory to your contacts:

1. Search for the particular contact you would like to add to your favorites.

2. Once you've found the user that you would like to add, select the Star icon next to their entry.

3. This will automatically add the contacts to your personal directory.

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