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Quick Troubleshooting Guide

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This guide will provide guidance to troubleshoot and fix errors that you may experience when using the Agent Console.

NOTE: Google Chrome is the preferred browser to use the Agent Console.

Clearing cache

If you are experiencing any issues, clearing cache is the first step to resolving your issues.

To clear your cache:

1. Press "F12" on your keyboard.

2. This will open your browser's developer tools or the console log. Next, right-click on the refresh button on the top left of your browser.

3. Select "Empty Cache and Hard Reload."


4. Select "Reload."


If you are still experiencing issues after clearing cache:

1. Navigate to your browser settings.


2. Under "Privacy and security," select "Clear browsing data."


3. Select "Advanced."

4. Set the time range to at least the last 7 days and ensure the top four items are selected.

5. Select "Clear data."


6. Close your entire browser, including all open windows and tabs.

7. Open a new browser and relaunch your Agent Console.

Dial pad is missing

If your dial pad is missing after logging in, clear your cache by following the steps listed above.

Audio issues

NOTE: In order for audio to function properly, it is essential that your laptop or computer detects your audio device directly. If your audio device is connected to your monitor and your computer fails to detect it, audio functionality may not work as expected. Please ensure that your audio device is connected directly to your computer for optimal performance.

If you continue to experience any audio issues, ensure that your headset is connected to your device.

To check if your headset is connected:

1. Navigate to your Audio Settings.

2. Ensure that your headset is selected for Audio Input AND Audio Output.


If your audio issues continue:

1. Navigate to your browser settings.

Google Chrome:

Microsoft Edge:

2. Ensure that the following permissions are set to Allow.

Google Chrome:


Microsoft Edge:

3. Close your entire browser, including all open windows and tabs.

4. Open a new browser and relaunch your Agent Console.

Connection issues

If you are experiencing connection issues, check your connection type. If you are on wired connection, you can disable Wi-Fi:

In Windows 10:

1. Select the Wi-Fi icon and then select Wi-Fi to disable it.

In macOS:

1. Go to the menu bar, click the wireless icon, then choose Turn Wi-Fi Off.

Not receiving calls

Upon launching the Agent Console, the login screen must be prompted before accessing the console. If you were allowed into the console without logging in, you will not have the ability to receive inbound calls or make outbound calls. If this occurs, clear your cache by following the steps listed above.

If you properly logged in and are still not receiving calls:

1. Ensure that you are signed in and your Agent Status is set to Available.


2. Ensure that you are signed in for all queues you are expecting to receive inbound calls from.

Unable to transfer calls

If you are unable to transfer calls or are unable to see the directory when attempting to transfer, ensure your ACD Menu Style is set to 'Slide' or 'Overlay.'

To change your ACD Menu Style:

1. Select Settings

2. Select Display Settings

3. Select 'Slide' or 'Overlay'

Additionally, ensure that the zoom setting in your browser does not exceed 100% for optimal viewing.

In Google Chrome, you can adjust this setting by following these steps:

1. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the browser to access the menu.

2. In the drop-down menu, look for the 'Zoom' section. You will see a percentage next to a magnifying glass icon.

2. Ensure your zoom setting does not exceed 100%.

Speed test

Speed tests can be run directly through the Agent Console. It is important that your connection speed is at least between 20 to 30 mbps to use the console issue-free.

To run a speed test:

1. Navigate to your Network and QoS Settings.

2. Select "Speed Test."

3. Run the Speed Test at least 3 times.

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