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The need for an agile workforce is in demand more than ever before. Enterprise grade telephony deployments are often costly, and the physical hardware requirements can lock a worker down to an office space. At BluIP, we understand the value of a lightweight deployment that empowers the at-home agent to work just as effectively from the safety and comfort of their home.  

BluIP's WebRTC client is a web-based soft-phone that provides your employees with reliable communication services directly from their computer browser. Without any installation requirements, your employees simply login to our portal to access their phone.


Call Center Functionality

BluIP's WebRTC client is a great fit for Call Center Agents in need of a light-weight soft phone. Through the client, agents have access to all of their normal call center functions, such as: the ability to set Disposition Codes, setting Unavailable Codes, signing in and out of queues, as well as setting their ACD state.

In the example below, an agent is able to tag their call as a "New Sale". Disposition codes become powerful tools to report on so that a call center can run analytics on their specific call traffic.

AIVA Connect Client

PCI Compliant Call Recording

If your call center handles private, confidential information, our WebRTC client offers PCI Compliant Call Recording! Agents can on demand pause and resume a recording, allowing your call center to safely handle your customers' information.

AIVA Connect Client

Custom Audio Control Menu

Users have a variety of audio devices that they use to enhance their day-to-day call environment. With our custom audio control menu, users are able to select their preferred input/output device preferences, to create a custom setup that works for their needs. Users can also adjust the volume of incoming calls with our volume control settings as well.

Embedded QoS

Although the need to work remotely is in high demand, there are undeniable challenges associated with deploying a remote workforce. Namely, the lack of unified hardware. With our embedded QoS tool, you can empower your agents to self-troubleshoot and ensure that they are able to work effectively from their home environment.

Users also have access to bug report submission, as well as direct access to our "How-To" guides through our "Help & Support" menu. - Google Chrome


Not a call center? Not a problem! The WebRTC client is a scalable solution meant to adapt to your business needs. Whether your business runs a call center, or other at-home workers, the WebRTC client interface is dynamically provisioned meaning that your users automatically receive an interface catered to their work expectations.


Browser The WebRTC client is capable in running in a variety of browsers. However, for optimal performance, we suggest Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, based on Chromium. 
Licensing Requirements The WebRTC client is available to any user with a license that enables Shared Call Appearance. For specific pricing, please contact your BluIP Sales Representative at [email protected]


The WebRTC soft-phone is available now!